Designer desk recommendation?
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I'm actually earning my keep doing what I love - photography and design. I just got an amazing Cintiq 21UX, and there's just one (unanticipated) problem - I no longer have enough desk space to accommodate all of my equipment, so I'm in the market to get a dream workhorse desk once and for all.

I'm putting together a triple monitor setup (Cintiq flanked by 21" monitors on either side) and also need a pull out surface for a keyboard, lots of wiggle room for a mouse, and extra space for writing/sketching/knick knacks/making piles of things. Bonus if the height is adjustable (working height on the Cintiq is lower than viewing height) and if there's a place for multiple printers (including a big Pixma Pro9000).

Any graphic designers / photographers / etc out there that can recommend something amazing? I've seen the MILK desk, but it's out of my budget (hoping to stay under $1500), and it doesn't have a pull out anyway (this is critical, because I'll pull the Cintiq right up to the edge of the desk when I work, but I still need the keyboard very accessible). The closest to ideal that I've seen is this:
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I just buy a 9 foot wood countertop from Ikea and put some of their legs on it. I imagine you could find adjustable legs and stick a keyboard tray on it if you wanted that. Cheap and lots of room for equipment.

I have a large scanner, 30" monitor, speakers, external HD's, large photo printer, continuous ink system for printer, keyboard/mouse/docks and still have room for piles of things.
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...alternatively, buy some A-frame trestle legs (four, six, or eight!) from IKEA and plonk a massive sheet of MDF on top. You have a hug desk for cheap.
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..umm. Huge desk, that is.
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I made a desk at IKEA from the persbo top (I'm not sure on the spelling but it's one of the longest they have) which is long and hollow. It's a good amount of surface cheap. My only problem with it was that if you get it wet (even a damp glass) the surface gets rough and stains. I varnished it after I spilled a glass of water and I wish I had done it before. You can buy an add on for the keyboard. After trying to find the perfect desk I realized that I either had to make it myself or buy something that costs thousands.
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I wouldn't worry about getting a section where you can self adjust the tablet. My thought would be find a great desk that you like, and get a telescoping mount for it. Either one that mounts to the rear of the desk, or to a wall if the desk is up against one, and then adjust it forwards or backwards depending on if you're drawing on it or viewing.

I don't have time to search now, but I have seen many a monitor mount that would work for this. I wouldn't even be surprised if Wacom makes one or suggests one.
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Here are a few ideas that I was thinking of.
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I am a big fan of the Ikea Jerker desk, which has a large main surface (100cm x 74cm) and an adjustable upper shelf. Unfortunately, Ikea doesn't make them anymore. Depending on where you are, you might be able to fine a used on on Craigslist -- I just checked locally and there were seven listings for used Jerkers here.
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Loving design you should have a look at the igl jet desk. Designed in the 70ies by Ernest Igl it is like the only classic but contemporary shaped designer desk - second to none. Have a look at or by google search...
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