kids Hallowe'en party ettiquette
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My 6 year old daughter has been invited to an American child's Hallowe'en party here in the UK. Is a gift required?
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Best answer: No. Unless it's a birthday party which has a Halloween theme, then gifts may be expected. Costumes usually are required at Halloween parties. The invite should specifically say "birthday" if they are expecting gifts. When in doubt, of course, call the parents.
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Depending on how well you know the parents, you might offer to bring pastries or snacks to help feed the crowd, but it isn't expected. Gifts are generally for birthdays only.
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Definitely not, but since you are in the UK, there may be others who assume they should bring some kind of gift (I have no idea about this), so your kid could be a little embarrassed if a lot of others bring gifts and she doesn't. Are host/hostess gifts common where you are? Something like some flowers or chocolates? If so, you might bring something like that (possibly with a Halloweenish theme), so that you wouldn't be empty-handed in case others bring gifts... and if they don't, then you just show up as extra-thoughtful. But, no - your American acquaintances will not be expecting gifts.
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No gift required however a box of wax lips or especially wax fangs would make her highly popular with the other kids.
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I agree - talk to the hosts, but one thing you could do with your daughter is to make a batch of cupcakes, frost them with orange (or black) icing, then stick in 8 licorice whip pieces cut to about 5 or 7 cm lengths and two Smarties for eyes to turn them into spiders. Alternatively, if you can get something like Milano cookies, if you cut them in half, they'll look like little grave stones. You could write "RIP" or on them and stick them into cupcakes to make them into edible graves.

In a few years, when gross is a lot more fun, you might consider this recipe which will need one of these.
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No gift required at all, but i'd call the mom and ask if they need anything. And i'd stay and help with the party.

Your kid will probably get a take-home goodie bag too.
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Response by poster: thanks yanks!
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Haha. This question made me laugh. You Brits are great.
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Haha. This question made me laugh.

Especially the apostrophe. Good stuff.
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Not to kill the joke, but...why?
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I think he's one of those young'uns who has been taught Hallowe'en is spelled Halloween. He has no idea that up until very recently, it was spelled differently.

Same thing would have been happening the last time changed, when it was spelled All Hallows' Evening.
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