Studio apartment in the sub-400 euro per month range in Madrid?
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MadridApartmentSearch Filter: I recently moved to Madrid to study for a year, but have a terrible experience with my current flatmates and I'm looking for another place to stay. Can I expect to find a studio apartment in the sub-400euro range, or is it too much to ask for?

I've seen many places, but from what it seems the only offers in that suit my budget are from families/elderly people renting rooms to make ends meet. Can I expect to find a studio in that range, or is it too much to ask for? Can anybody lead me to some sites or newspapers where I could find such offers here?

Your help is much appreciated!

PS. My spanish is OK, so I will be able to communicate with prospective landlords.
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When I lived in Madrid (15 years ago now), I found my apartment through the Segundo Mano classifieds. They still seem to be around and on the web. This search might have what you're looking for.

Back then, much of the budget accommodation was for females only, because landlords thought they were less likely to trash the place.
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I was essentially in your shoes last summer and, of all the websites I tried, I found to be the most complete and user-friendly by a wide margin, so it may be a good starting point.

That said, I'd be surprised if you can find a studio apartment within that price range - accommodation in Madrid has always been expensive, and the effects of the current economic crunch haven't really trickled down to the rental market yet. If anything, rentals seem to have gone up, rather than down, as everyone postpones their purchase decisions until the situation clears up. It's a bloody mess.

There are a couple (one and another) studio apartments under 450 € listed as I write this, though, so don't take my word for it. In any case, good luck in your search and say hi to Madrid on my behalf!
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Addendum: 450 € should net you a pretty luxurious houseshare if you can tolerate having flatmates again after your previous bad experience, though. Just thought I'd throw that in there. ¡Buena suerte!
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Does the program with which you are studying offer some sort of guidance or assistance on the matter? I had my own tiny studio when I studied there, but it was all handled through my university program. I paid, at the time (2001) around $400 a month, which I'm certain would be much higher now, but possibly still within your budget considering exchange rates.
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Thank you very much for your advice. As luck may have it, when I thought that nothing will work, I found a place today just afternoon! I'm moving out this coming week.

All the best from Madrid!
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