Help me understand how the internet is changing software architecture.
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Where can I find information on how the internet is changing the way software is delivered?

I understand the basics of web apps, cloud computing, rich internet applications, web services, virtualization, and other current topics in software development, but I would like to understand these issues at a more technical/architectural level. For instance:

- What are the limitations on the user experience that HTML and AJAX can deliver over an internet connection? (e.g. network latency, the speed of JavaScript execution, GUI toolkits, online/offline issues, level of integration with operating system resources)
- How specifically will emerging technologies (e.g. Google Gears, Silverlight, Flex, JavaFX, AIR, new WiFi standards) mitigate these? What are the limitations of these new technologies?
- Why are some software application categories (e.g. image processing, IDEs) not suited to be moved to the web?

Where can I find a book or review article that discusses these and related issues in a way that is accessible to someone who has a computer science/programming background but doesn't have too much expertise in networking, operating systems, or graphics?
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The Stardock 2008 Report is an excellent report put out by Stardock, a company that does mostly purchase and download software sales. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but you can infer a lot based on the fact that it's a very successful business model that couldn't have existed five years ago.
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