What's hanging in Liz's office?
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What's this print hanging in Liz's office on 30 rock?

I always thought it looked familiar, but in last night's episode she took it off of her wall before a visit from an adoption agency, so now I really want to know what it is and why she'd take it down (I assume it's fairly innocuous, but still wanna get the joke)...
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Not really proud of this, but I always thought that the print looked a little... what's the equivalent of phallic, but for breasts? Boobular? Mammarish? I felt a little validated when she felt like she had to take it down for the adoption visit.
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This picture is actually explained in the "behind the scenes tour" feature of the first season DVDs. It is a picture of two thermostats, but as the cast member leading the tour says, "Some might say it takes the shape of something else." So the subject of the picture is perfectly innocent, but it does resemble the female anatomy, which is why Liz took it down before the adoption lady came.
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From this interview:

Can you please tell me the meaning behind the framed photo of the two thermostats sitting behind Liz Lemon’s desk? Where did you get it?

Tina Fey: Well that was - I could find out for you where it’s from. That was put there by our very talented set dressers and I guess it’s supposed to look like comic boobs. But I guess it was - the thinking was just that it’s a piece of art that Liz Lemon purchased somewhere.
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maybe it is the target logo. They have shameless product promotion on that show.
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