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I have a question on how to change the CSS and other formatting of a web page that I don't know the location of. Warning, we are talking more drupal! Screenshot inside...

I am running drupal 6.1, and the modules related to this question are TinyMCE with the IMCE browser. Everything works properly! Woohoo, except, I would like to make a few formatting and display changes to the image browser (what I will refer to as the "blue background")

Once the image browswer opens, it takes the CSS from my blue theme, which I do not want. All I want is a grey backround. I would also like the new window to have scroll bars, and for some text to be removed --> see the screenshot.

Basically, I don't know the location of the "blue screen" you see in the following screenshot - this is what prevents me from editing it.

What are your thoughts or suggestions?

The screenshot is here
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One or other of these should help you...

To find the location of a page in Firefox, right-click and select "View Page Info".

To help narrow down where things are in the DOM, install the Web Developer Toolbar, then choose CSS > View Style Information (default key binding = Ctrl-Shift-Y I think) then hover the cursor over whatever you want to change the CSS for.
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Are you saying that you don't know the location of the page or is this more of a templating issue and you don't know the name of an included module?
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Get the FireBug extension.
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Oops, you said 6.1. Then it should be sites/all/modules/imce/css/imce-content.css
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