Delicious Mongolian BBQ in LA
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I'm stumped as to finding an amazing Mongolian Barbeque place in Los Angeles. I'm used to places like BD's out in the midwest but have yet to find anything similar- Help!

I've found some Mongolian BBQ places around town, but most only have a few selections as to meats, and instead of a thousand sauce/spice combinations, I'm limited to hot, medium, and mild. Help me get the flavor I need!
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I think that there may be a difference in meaning. I know what you're talking about with BD's Mongolian BBQ, which is more like a chain place with millions of toppings and stupid waitstaff with flair, etc. BD's took the name Mongolian BBQ and made it into something far far far from the original meaning.

But, in places with actual Mongolians or Koreans or Chinese people that want to do traditional BBQ, there isn't a need for funny waiters or dozens of spices. Since leaving the midwest, I've never seen anything like BD's.
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Great Khan's is in a lot of mall food courts, and is kind of in the BD's mold. I don't think they have quite the sauce variety, though.
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Check out koreatown.... Korean BBQ is the best, you cook it yourself at your table, it is amazing.

Try soot bull jeep or chosun galbee. Prices are similar, soot bull jeep is charcoal grills (indoors) so the place gets SMOKEY! Its much more causal. Chosun Galbee is gas grills with a good ventilation system and i think better service... I like them both.

Order galbee... that is all you need. It is beef rib meat and is sooooo good. Also good is bulgogi, a spicier pork, tasty. 1 order per 2 people, its about $23.00 an order. Included in that they will bring you raw meat and about 100 side dishes of tasty little vegetables and other things to eat with your BBQ. They will turn on the grill, bring the meat, get the first round started for you and leave the rest on a plate. After that it is up to you, flip it, eat it.

Order a korean beer (hite) and you are all set.
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If you're looking for the giant-metal-plate-buffet style Mongolian BBQ, may I recommend Big Wok in Manhattan Beach or Mongol's in Westwood?
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I've done Mongols... which I do eat at pretty frequently, just looking for a bit more variety... but these answers have helped a bit... we're going to try out Big Wok in Manhattan Beach...
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