Digital Pocket Camera with RAW?
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I am looking for a pocket digital camera (point and shoot) that will store the files in RAW.

I am looking for a pocket digital camera (point and shoot) that will store the files in RAW. Hopefully it will have a JPEG+RAW mode. I am interested in the Panasonic Lumix LX3 (as mentioned previously.) While I like this camera I thought it might be nice to have something just a little smaller. As for recommendations, you can recommend current or older models as I'm fine with hunting down used cameras if I must.

I have looked at previous posts, but thought it smart to ask since it has been a while since a similar question was asked.

In addition to a RAW mode, I would like it to store photos on CF cards, or SD cards. I also prefer that it has a pretty decent optical zoom and built-in flash. As for size, I would like it to easily fit into the pocket of an under seat bag on a bike, or in the pocket of my camelback water backpack. Preferably, it will fit into the pocket of my jeans.

Personal experience is preferred. I'd like to know what it is about your recommendation that makes it so awesome above and beyond my requirements (RAW being the most important one.)

Thanks in advance. I'll post back after I make a decision.
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There are very few pocket point and shoot cameras that support raw. However, CHDK is a firmware add-on that enables a lot of features on many Canon P&S cameras, including raw support.
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If you plan on going with Canon, read this. I'll give you the ability to shoot RAW with most Canon point and shoot camera.
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A lot of Canon P&S cameras can be "hacked" to shoot in RAW by using CHDK.
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As a semi-disgruntled LX2 user, make sure you try some sample shots before buying. The earlier Lumixes (lumices?) over-processed images and traded noise for serious detail loss. The blurring was even evident in RAW. I'm seriously considering buying a CHDK'able Canon and getting rid of the LX2.

Some features are also not available in RAW mode (at least in the LX2): you can't auto-bracket in RAW, so your dreams of HDR awesomeness just withered.
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Another vote for Canon+CHDK. I love my Canon PowerShot SD1000.
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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150: I love mine.
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Best answer: Since you didn't post a price limit, DEFINITELY go for the G10. I'm no Canon fanboy, in spite of the $5K I have committed to their SLR system, but the G-series is the way to go here. No question. Zooms aren't super long, but really do you NEED more than a 5x zoom? The wide end is way more important to almost everyone.
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I also say Canon. I love my Canon SD700IS with CHDK.
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I'm using a Canon A590IS with CHDK. Can't beat the price and functionality (note: it's very beta quality at this point for this particular camera, the port is still underway; don't go there if you're not keen on Bleeding Edge)
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So, it took a year, but Canon did release the S90 IS, which is exactly this camera. It's basically a smaller G10 (now G11) and it supports RAW+JPG.
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