I have a lot of magazines and not a lot of space
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What to do with about a billion old magazines?

I have a lot of old magazines. What should I do with them? I am leaning towards crafts or using them (or parts of them) to add visual appeal to my landlord-beige apartment.

They're not old enough to be interesting for being old.

I have to do something before my partner recycles them.
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I leave old magazines near the mailboxes in my building and the other residents take them all within a couple days.
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Ohh.. lots of good stuff:

Nesting Dolls

And of course using them in collages.
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Save a few that are really old and leave them in random waiting rooms... Just to leave the impression that some doctor's office really did keep a copy of "Discover" magazine sitting there for 12 years.
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Leave them at a gym.
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Ugh, any idea where I would find directions/tutorials for any of those things?
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You could create ransom notes for some of your partner's stuff. That might stop him/her from throwing out your magazines.
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Keep a stack of 'em on top of your toilet tank, to distract guests from looking in the medicine cabinet.
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Craftzine is a great place to start:

Here, here, and here are some great articles. Also, on Etsy go to the Techniques and Materials section of the forum. Always lots of great people to help you figure out how to make things or point you to an online tutorial.
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If the crafting endeavors fall through, give them to after school programs or elementary schools/art teachers. Things to cut up and turn into collages are always welcome.
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Oooh, I really like this mobile too. It's sure to brighten up a dreary apartment.
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When I moved, I freecycled magazines, and they were generally very popular.
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If they aren't too old, please donate them to the nearest Veteran's Association clinic or hospital. They have no budget for waiting room magazines. Our nation's veterans sit and look at pharmacy sales materials while they wait for care.

For MeFites looking for a cheap and worthwhile holiday donation, this is an awesome cause. Send a magazine subscription to a VA waiting room!
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seconding giving them to art teachers. Those are usually picked over quickly for collage projects. I'm not sure if collage is very popular these days though.
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i go through the old magazines, cut out anything i want to make collages from later, clippings go in a metal box - magazines get trashed. then when i want to collage i have a huge stack of stuff to go through.
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Freecycle seconded.
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My local library accepts old magazines. They leave them up front for patrons to paw through. I like knowing they're not just being thrown out and wasted.
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My grade school and high school libraries had (poor) magazine sections. I like to think schools get free subscriptions, but I don't know that. Phone the nearest ones and ask if they'd like them?

(Maybe hold back the Hustler's Hottest Honeys issues, though.)
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take colorful pages and paper shred 'em. then glue the strips onto your walls, either in an orderly floor-to-ceiling-vertical-bars fashion, or in random patterns.

it's a bit painstaking, but looks pretty awesome when you're finished.
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Make some paper beads. You won't use up a lot of magazines, though.
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I drop current-ish ones off at a local laundromat. they disappear, plus I have seen people reading them.
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Jesus get rid of them before they become a nuisance. My mom has piles and piles of New Yorkers and The Nations around. It's awful. Piles of them always falling on things. It's a really bad habit. Now with me, I have the New Yorker the week it comes out, and when the next one comes, I put the old one in the recycling, whether I've read it or not. Sorry this one drives me crazy. Look at the magazines and ask yourself if they are helping you or hurting you.

I'm suspicious of freecycle sometimes because I think it's other horders looking for things to hoard. I don't want to help them. Recycling them into paper pulp sounds like a good plan to me.
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