Do any nation societies for Art & Technology exist in the US?
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Are there any large (national) Art & Technology societies in the US?

I am having a hard time digging up information about Art & Technology societies in the US. Most that I find are localized with a school or program, none that have national appeal.

Ultimately, I am looking to buy mailing lists or place advertisements with these specialized organizations. I am hoping to find something like the American Philosophical Association (APA) or Society for the History of Technology (SHOT). But so far I have had zero luck.

Can anyone help?
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There's Art & Science Collaborations, maybe not quite what you're looking for.

Also the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Art and Science Council? (seems heavily biased towards the Arts side).
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World Academy of Art and Science
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I think you might be able to classify TED as an art and technology society, of a sort. Placing advertisements with them, however, is sponsorship, and it starts at 50k. Depends on your business size and what you're looking for.

There's also International Association of Astronomical Artists, which is artists who create space-related works, so a mix of science and art.
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