dropload for my own server?
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I was wondering if there is a script/tool that I can install on my own webserver (apache2 on linux) that will do the work or dropload or yousendit or one of those numerous websites.

So I want to be able to upload and provide links for downloading files. The app should also allow me to send an email with a link to the person I uploaded the file for.
I really want to just be able to send someone large files with minimal issues, and due to security/privacy reasons, I do not want to use dropload.com or yousendit.com or dropbox.com, but would rather do it with/on my own server.

So does anyone know of any clones of the above mentioned websites that might work off of my server?

At the very least it should allow me to set a per-file password, or make a file available for download to only the person I sent a link to.

Thank you.
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There are scripts out there, I believe I used 'easy php upload' or something similiar, but the better approach is to install web based FTP like net2ftp.

>The app should also allow me to send an email with a link to the person I uploaded the file for.

Doubt any canned solution will have any automated emailing, but you should be able to copy and paste a link from both solutions above.

You can also go with plain jane ftp and just send them the link their browser can parse like ftp://myserver/secret_files/super-secret-file.doc
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Also, there's Oliver.
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Interestingly this doesn't seem to be a hot area in open source. I found a couple of things that could help, though:

- Installing WebDAV
- NSSDropbox (a little old)
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Theres a php 'yousendit clone' floating around on the net for 'free' or very cheap.

I was able to get it running on a godaddy account, so shouldnt be too difficult to get running on your own box.
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Droopy (no I don't have a url) is a Python script that allows simple uploads. I don't use it on my website, I use it on my laptop when I ant someone to send me a file: I run droopy and tell the sender my IP. Droopy dumps the files in he directory in ehich it was run.

When I want to make files available, th command line python -m SimpleHTTPServer will make all files in the current directory available for download.
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