Paris Shopping on the Cheap?
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I'll be in Paris for a few days next month, and I'd like to check out some thrift stores. I'm not looking for anything fancy or designer, just maybe some cute skirts or sweaters. Most of the articles I've seen online talk about places where you can get couture for a fraction of the price, but that's not really my thing. Also, this might be silly, but I'm a size 8 US...would resale shops have things in my size? Any advice that can point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated!
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There's a fair few listed on this forum. Scroll down and there's a bunch of addresses. Paris doesn't do the thrift store like other cities so most of the stuff you'll be looking at will be termed vintage rather than thrift but there's bargains to be had. If you can get out to Lille there's the Kiloshop where they sell vintage clothes by weight. Fantastic!
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Try flea markets.
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There are a handful of great shops around Les Halles/Pompidou Centre. There are a few really good ones beside the Eglise Saint-Merri at the junction of Rue St. Martin and Rue de la Verrerie. Walk north up Rue St Martin and you'll find a few others, from there explore the streets to the west towards Les Halles and you should find plenty more, they come and go. As noted above these are more vintage rather than bargain basement thrift but they do have all sorts of cheap 70's and 80's clothing as well as vintage denim, leather jackets and Converse boots. Great value (Leather jackets 20/30 Euros+, shirts 5-10 Euros, great vintage Converse 20/30 Euros+) and no couture in sight.

There is also a shopping arcade called Passage Choiseul which is off Rue des Petits Champs near Avenue de L'Opera which at one point had several great stores. Haven't been there for a while but it certainly used to be great.
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Response by poster: Rue de la Verrerie is only about a 15 minute walk from my hotel, so that's perfect! Thanks!
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Response by poster: I will also be very near Free'p Star and Come on Eline. Woo hoo!
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Thirding Puces de St-Ouen - it's really easy to get to via metro and I bought a lovely pair of vintage brown Italian leather pumps last time I was there - for 4 euros!
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