either way, I'm an asshole.
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Which is worse? To call or not to call?

Someone I'm not attracted to gave me his phone number. I liked talking to him, and thought he was a nice guy, but there was simply no there there. Which would be worse: if I were to 'lose' his phone number or call and explain?
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Don't. There is no good that can come of it for anyone.
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Lose phone number. Calling and explaining would be hurtful, losing allows you both to save face.
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Best answer: If you lose his phone number, he'll probably forget about it within two weeks. If you call and explain, he may remember forever.
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If you'll be seeing him a lot out in the world, then let him know that nothing is going to happen. There's not much worse than thinking you have a chance with someone when that chance doesn't exist.

If you won't be seeing him, then there's no reason to call.
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Don't call.
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Don't call if you're sure you're not likely to see him again. Numbers and papers get lost. People get "busy". Life goes on.

People flake out in relationship building all the time. The price you pay, of course, is looking like a flakey person or whatever adjective describes a person who doesn't call.

If you call, it's a flat out rejection. Especially if you don't leave a window open for another sort of relationship. If he is a nice guy, he doesn't need the rejection because he'll know not to stalk you or stay aggressive.

When people don't call me back, I don't really think about it because I probably gave a number not really expecting to be called. If I'm interested in a person, I ask for their number so I can take the initiative.

However, if you're in the same field and go to similar events and you think he's a nice guy, then say that he's a nice guy and you just want it to be a professional relationship. Chalk it up to networking.
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You're not an asshole for failing to reciprocate when somebody has taken a fancy to you, by the way.

Or, if you're an asshole, then so is just about everybody else on the planet, so it's effectively even.
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Don't call. Really. No good can come of calling. I speak here as a guy.
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Perhaps he would have taken your number if he was that interested. No need to call.
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It seems I'm majorly in the minority here, but perhaps he had no real attraction either and figured you could make a good friend? Why do all connections have to be sexual/non-platonic in nature? Did you get a sense that maybe he wasn't that into you but enjoyed your company?
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Did you say you'd call? If so, don't be that person; you said you'd call, now call -- it's not an issue of hurt feelings or the "easier" solution, it's an issue of fulfilling a commitment you made. Whether or not you should've made that commitment is irrelevant now. Call. Make small talk. Say it was nice to meet him. Don't move things forward; he'll get the message. Don't offer to call again. Don't ask about what he's doing next weekend or tomorrow. If he asks you out, politely turn him down. Don't call back. Don't offer your number.

If you didn't say you'd call -- well, what's the issue? Why in the world would you call? How could you be considered an asshole if you didn't?

If it's something in the middle -- say, you asked for his phone number and strongly implied you'd call... well, it's up to you.
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If you are not interested, do not call.
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