Obama and SNL
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What evidence is there to suggest that Obama will (or will not) be on Saturday Night Live this weekend?

I have heard rumors (though I don't remember where) that Barack Obama may have a cameo on SNL this weekend. However, I haven't been able to find any confirmation of this. I know also that Ben Affleck is supposed to be the guest star. But I still have the suspicion that Obama may appear given the sources that I can not find right now. If anyone has any information or can point me to any sources one way or the other, I would appreciate it.
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I've heard rumors McCain is going to show up. So maybe both of them will?

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Best answer: Yesterday on Fresh Air, Terry Gross asked the same quiestion. Seth Myers said that he honestly didn't know, that both candidates knew they had an open invitation to take part, and that SNL would be ready and willing to put them on even if they got involved at the last minute. But he said that given their schedules he wouldn't venture a guess.
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Best answer: I read an interview with Lorne Michaels last week and they asked him how they got Palin. He said that he never knows for sure until they are in the building the day of the show. He also said, consequently that they won't publicize any politician's appearance because they have been burned by no shows in the past.
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He will be there if it's the thing he can do with the time spent that will make the biggest impact.
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Obama is scheduled to be in Pueblo, Colorado that afternoon. That's as far into the future that the list of announced events goes as of this moment. You could watch barackobama.com for further event postings to see if there are apparent gaps in the schedule.
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I can't imagine Obama, with his solid lead, showing up on a comedy show a few days before the election.
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I'm with jayder. This isn't something a front-runner does; it's too risky. McCain can risk it because he has nothing to lose. At this point, Obama's appearances are stage-managed down to the minute and every minute is on message.

I can imagine him doing it after the election, but he probably will want to get down to work 24/7 on the transition then, too. So still doubtful.
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Barack Obama just aired a half-hour infomercial that put him inside a replica oval office. At this stage in the game, everything about his campaign is directed at "deal-closing," trying to ram home the impression that not only is he presidential and ready to go, but that he's moved beyond the back-and-forth of the race. (His infomercial and subsequent rally barely mentioned McCain at all.)

SNL has been influential in this race, that's for sure, but not as a platform for candidates to shine. What's more, Obama hasn't proven himself particularly funny in these settings. He'd emperil his aloofness if he climbed into that playpen, and would only stand to lose stature by sharing a stage with McCain at this juncture.

McCain, meanwhile, is in throw-the-kitchen-sink-at-it mode. If that means going on SNL for a few laughs as he smiles an awkward smile, so be it.

Look at me, I'm a pundit too!
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Having said all that, mind you, he did just show up on the Daily Show, albeit by satellite.
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Having said all that, mind you, he did just show up on the Daily Show, albeit by satellite.

And he was very, very guarded in what he said.
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Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers were on the News Hour last night. When asked what they had planned for the last show before the election, Michaels said little more than "We're gonna go all out."
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Much as I like him, I don't find him very effective as a comedian. Palin had great material to work wit; making fun of herself as Caribou Barbie plays to her image. I'd love to see him in a sketch where he gives other kids peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, whether they want them or not or, even better, takes sandwiches from rich kids to give to poor kids.

Does he play any instrument? It would be cool if he showed up in the band.
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Obama is sceduled to speak in Springfield, MO a couple blocks from my house at 9 PM on Saturday Evening.
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Best answer: According to the NY Times, McCain to Appear on SNL.
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