Anyone remember a comedian doing a "badly dubbed" sketch about godzila trampling the city?
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In the mid eighty's there was a comedian that did a piece on godzilla. Basically he acted like a badly dubbed godzilla film with mouth movements out of sync with voice saying "look out" "godzilla's going to trample the city again". Anyone know who he was or remember the sketch?
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Lots of people have probably done that routine.
But was it maybe Michael Winslow, the 80s sound effects guy?
posted by jozxyqk at 6:32 AM on October 30, 2008

Lust Bunny of Godzilla?
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Yep, it was lust bunny!!!

jozxyqk, I was going to mention in the original question that is wasn't the police academy guy - michael winslow
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I remember that being both funnier and less racist. The 80s were a simpler time.
posted by I Foody at 6:56 AM on October 30, 2008

Found out as well it was Tom McGillen
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2:40 in this video, Michael Winslow does the same 'dubbing effect (much better).
posted by Happy Dave at 7:50 AM on October 30, 2008

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