"Why you would want to put Reagan so close to your heart is beyond me!"
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ShoppingFilter: In order to complete a Halloween costume, I need to acquire some Reagan-related political pins/buttons. However, my initial search has mostly taken me to places that no longer exist! Is there anywhere the Green would suggest I go to in the Washington DC metropolitan area to satiate my thirst for this kind of political paraphernalia?

(Note that the buttons/pins do NOT necessarily have to be actual pins from his presidential races. At worst, I just need the Gipper's smiling face in some form or another. I found a few online options, but they all had ridiculous shipping & handling charges... and, also, Halloween is tomorrow. Gack!)
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How 'bout finding some on the web and printing them on sticky label paper?
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I'm pretty sure they have some at either Destination DC or Alamo Flags in Union Station.
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There's one of those memorabilia stores next to the JW Marriott. And several in the Gallery Place vicinity, I think.

The sticky label paper idea is easiest, though.
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Best answer: From this search I found the one Orrnyereg was thinking of

Political Americana
1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW
(between N 13 1/2 St & N 14th St)
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 333-4555

but their Regan selection appears to be mostly real collectables, i.e. way too expensive.

I also found
Capitol Coin & Stamp
(202) 296-0400

but on their website they have mostly 2008 stuff. I'd call first and make sure they have what you want.

An image search for 'Ronald Regan' turns up 1,870,000 images.
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Check with Political Americana - they can probably point you in the right direction even if they don't have what you want.
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