This one is another hit song.
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Identify This Song Filter: My friend made me a mix CD that included this wicked awesome song - it's a Bollywood/Reggaeton mashup and I love the hell out of it. I would like to find more songs like it, and it would certainly help if I perhaps knew something about the song. Like, anything.

The song.

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Best answer: Shazam tells me it's Flow Natural by Tito 'El Bambino' featuring Beenie Man.
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React is another Bollywood mashup song, but it's mixed with rap.
My brother loves this song, but I can't stand it. Maybe you'll like it :]
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If you're looking for more music like this,
you might like M.I.A.
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You might also like dj/rupture.
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Response by poster: (I do like M.I.A.! Lots!)
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I love Bluffmaster, especially tracks 1 & 9.
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