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Translating the French dialog in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain.

Winter is descending on Minnesota and I'm thinking I'd like to give Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain a second reading. Problem: in the translation I own, the extensive French dialog , most particularly in the Walpurgis-Night section (last section of Chapter 5) is not translated, and I don't speak French.

I've looked for translations online a couple of times but this machine translation is the best I've come up with, and although a reasonable amount of semantic content can be dredged out of that, it just won't do (for me) as a companion to reading the actual novel. My ideal would be a proper literary translation I could grab online. Second choice would be input on translations that render this dialog in English, so I can troll around the local library system for a copy to photocopy the relevant section. I really don't want to buy another copy of The Magic Mountain.
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Best answer: Google Books has a translation that renders most of the French into English, though a few pages of that chapter are omitted. It may suffice, though.
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Response by poster: I think in fact it will, jedicus. Thanks!
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