Does anybody know the band Paper Lantern?
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Where I can buy music by and information about the band Paper Lantern?

I saw a band called Paper Lantern play a show in Montana in 1998 or 1999. I bought their ep but lost it a few years ago. I've rebuilt my music collection from the cd theft, but one band I'd like to hear again is Paper Lantern. Google doesn't give me any answers.

I can't remember the ep's name, but the disc was blue and said "Index Records" on it. The music was a bit like early Pavement with some Yo La Tengo thrown in, though I may not remember it very well. One of the four songs on the ep had a stanza that began "Computer, computer..."

The band was obviously on a tour and needed a gig to fill a space between shows in the wasteland up north (I love the area and the people, but good live music was hard to come by at the time) between the west coast and Chicago. They may have been from California. Their equipment was all top-notch and they had a polished sound; the music and their stage presence was a lot different from the local punk and garage bands playing in the basketball gyms, community theaters, and local fraternal organization halls. Would love to get to know the band's music a bit more.
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this one?
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Amazing! Thanks....found a couple Paper Lanterns on myspace, but missed that one.
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