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I have a song I composed / recorded / etc. I'd like to make simple video by cutting together fragments of public-domain films with this song. I have a MacBook. How to get to point B? iMovie is crashing on every import.

iMovie seems to crash every time I open the "Import Movie" dialog. Not a sign of quality software.

I don't want to spend much/any money on this. I've tried writing a quick app in to do this, but the movies I'm working with are 100-200MB mpg files, and that fills up Java's heap very, very quickly - I can't imagine throwing FFT analysis on top of that.

Are there are any open-source or cheap applications that allow fairly basic video editing capabilities like this? Anything possibly designed for VJs or very nonlinear editing like this will be? I'm a little miffed that there hasn't been an obvious, slick answer to this like there has been for 99% of my mac artsy-software needs.

Thanks for any help!
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Best answer: The problem isn't the software. You don't want to be editing mpeg clips. Use Mpeg Streamclip to convert your mpeg files into Quicktime .mov files. That should do the trick.
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Yeah, the problem is...that MPEG is a very lossy format - not all the frames have all the information. MPEG Streamclip can transcode your video to a codec like DV, which 'edit's easie...and likely will be a whole lot larger (and iMovie will hadnle without crashing)
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