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I'd like to sign my wife up for a good chocolate-of-the-month club for her upcoming birthday. However, they are legion, and I figure most of them probably suck. Any hints/recommendations/warding spells? [Yeah, step on in for more.]

What I'm looking for, loosely:

1. Good chocolate. Duh. I just don't want her getting Hershey bars, you know?

2. Budget is up to around 200 clams, so maybe a 3-6 month subscription?

3. Plans with just plain old chocolate are preferable to things like pralines, truffles, etc., but I'm not going to take a hard line on this.
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vosges haut chocolate's 6 moon club

extremely high quality; beautiful presentation; excellent customer service and yummy, exotic, really special taste combinations. i've had them ship things cross country for me and have had no reports of quality degradation. the club is the truffles, but they do have bars available.

(hm, now i know where i'm stopping on my lunch break, luckily, it's cool enough now for cocoa
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mmm crush, you are a bad influence! it's probably very good that i didn't know about that place when i worked two blocks from there.

now i have to get myself down to michigan ave.
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Jacques Torres has a chocolate of the month thing too, also I believe La Maison Du Chocolat and Marie Belle have that too. I love all three, but frankly La Maison Du Chocolat is incredibly divine. Also I think Marie Belle's chocolates are actually made by Jacques.
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Also I'm not a big fan of Vosges, but that's just me it seems.
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I'll second the Jacque Torres nomination. The salted caramel flavored ones are unbelievably tasty.
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Skot = my dream husband

Jacque Torres is wonderful - very high quality, and I think you can get mainly bars and squares of just chocolate, which seems to be what you're after. If I were getting chocolate, I'd feel pampered with Vosages. So decadent, indulgent, heady, and beautifully presented. When some woman said that chocolate was better than sex, this was the chocolate she was talking about.

On second thought, you might not want her to have chocolate that was better than sex, so use your best judgement ;)
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Wow, that looks even better than Moonstruck.
Ten blocks each way ... hm.
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vosges is better than moonstruck--though not as comfortable. and no coffee. and no cookies.

you can buy vosges cocoas to make at home at field's.
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Please look for organic/fair trade/cooperative chocolate. Shouldn't be difficult: most great chocolate isn't slave-made, 'cause slaves aren't likely to really care about what they're making.
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i'm a big fan of vosges. but my very favorite is recchiuti. don't know if they do of-the-month programs... r. is a lucky woman.
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Although their online presence is not so great, I grew up on Fannie May (not Fannie Farmer nor Fannie Mae) chocolates. Get a paper catalog or call and ask. Oh, and the trinidads are not to be missed.
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dumb, dumb, dumb - here's the link.
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i'm a dark chocolate lover godiva girl
sorry, haven't searched the site but they use to have a subscription thing, if not you can set up an account and just check off which one suits which month. same for neiman marcus, they had a key lime silk that killed me
(does that make me undead or reborn?)

if you know what kind she likes, you can go belgian, swiss, even english if necessary, and most places set up accounts for business gifts so you can set the schedule of automated gift giving.
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this is a bit late, but a friend just came to visit and brought a box of chocolates from burdick's. i've never had chocolate like this before - apologies if it's the fashion in the states or something - but it was a selection of very small chocolates, with a huge variety of flavours. things with spices, coffee, tea, fruits, nuts, etc etc. eating them wasn't so much about chocolate, as about discovering completely new tastes. it doesn't fit in with your emphasis on bars, since they were generally truffle-like in consistency (but the flavours were nothing like the traditional chocolate truffles i've had in the uk and europe), but the web site does have a club that regularly ships chocolate. it's amazingly expensive (by my standards) and i wouldn't imagine paying for such things regularly, but to try them once was a really memorable experience.... (i guess i sound like a bad advertising writer, but i'm just amazed by how they tasted).
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