Final Cut Pro Tutorials?
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Final Cut Pro 4
For the next few weeks I have access to an eMac with FCP4 installed. Can anyone recommend any online tutorials to get me on my way. Ones concerned with general video editing techniques as well as those directly related to FCP would be helpful too. [Slightly more inside...]

In fact I've just discovered that it is FCP HD 4.5.

I just want to get started with editing together clips from my little digital camera to see how I can get to grips with the monster that is FCP. Editing DV/video capture may come later...
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The MacDesign site has some interesting tutorials. Perhaps not for beginners but the Los Angeles FCP Users group has good tutorials. For the beginning level look at that last page and go down to the FCP 2.0 and 3.0 sections, even tho they're older, the basics still apply.
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I have links to everything out there.

Final Cut Pro News (Phila FCP Users Group)

That being said, I quite like the Apple Training series from Peachpit or the Tom Wolsky book (better for a new editor who needs some technique too).

Please, don't rely on "online" tutorials to teach you how to really work it. And feel free to email me direct questions if you are confused about something.
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