Where does Patrick Bateman shop?
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Where can I find a clear rain coat in NYC?

I need something like this for Halloween.
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I've seen them at K-Mart in Astor Place, but they were probably thinner and more poncho-like.

Maybe a camping-type store like Tent & Trails would be more helpful. Call ahead and see if they've got 'em.
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Best answer: I see those all the time at the Muji stores here in London. You could try the one in NYC.
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Ricky's NYC, the ubiquitous costume chain?

That Muji model is mighty svelte, though, if you'd like to sport it 'round town even on non-costume occasions.
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My friend was Patrick Bateman for Hallowe'en last year. He found his clear raincoat in a little odds-and-ends shop in Toronto's Chinatown, which makes me think that in NYC, well-stocked 99-cent stores will have them. FYI, they come folded up in tiny palm-sized packages, which will probably be hanging on a peg near the old-lady roller bonnets.
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