What music should I be listening to, given my current obsessions?
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What music should I be listening to, given my current obsessions?

Maybe this is a waste of a question, but I don't care, because I've heard some great stuff thanks to other AskMe questions like this one.

I've been listening to a ton of Mike Doughty, Sufjan Stevens, and Badly Drawn Boy lately. That's all I'm listening to. Given that knowledge, who else should I be into? What am I probably missing?
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Iron & Wine.
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Seconding Iron and Wine. Sam beam is a genius. The last one, Shepherd's Dog, took three listens to grow on me, but it's great.

Slightly less twee, but Clem Snide makes some really artful stuff with some fantastically weird lyrics.

And I'll use this soapbox to pimp my faves, Calexico. More Mexicali space-junk jazz-rock than experimental folk, but excellent nonetheless. I literally wore out my CD of their album Feast of Wire.
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The Weary Boys.
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Since Calexico + Iron & Wine have already been recommended, I'll just mention that they made a totally amazing album together called "In the Reins".
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Islands' Return to the Sea

Elliot Smith

The Mountain Goats
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Give a listen...

The New Pornographers
(I like 'Bleeding Heart Show', and 'Go Places')

Mates of State
(Anything from the album 'Team Boo', but 'All Day' is really good too)

Bright Eyes
(Not a big fan, personally, but you might like em...)

Hope you enjoy!
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The Silver Jews

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Nada Surf (brilliant songwriting, very different from their top ten hit)
Ray Lamontagne
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Not really in the same vein, but bands that sit well with me when I'm in a Mike Doughty/Badly Drawn Boy mood are Built to Spill, Aloha, and Beulah.

And please please please go look at Mike Doughty's top 27 myspace friends. It's like Christmas all over again.
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I got into Doughty because I was a huge Soul Coughing fan (Doughty was their lead singer/songwriter), so if you don't have their albums, I'd get those. You'll get new (to you) versions of a lot of songs that Doughty now does solo.

Also, for a while, I listened to Haughty Melodic alternated with Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine. They just seemed to go together somehow.
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The Shins.
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midlake: van occupanther
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euro goodness ala sufjan:
chad van gaalen
jens lekman

the golden days:
guided by voices
built to spill

worthy whippersnappers:
john vanderslice
the national
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Sounds like you'd enjoy Josh Ritter and Joshua Radin.
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Seconding the Pandora because I have a Sufjan station....very good.
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Andrew Bird.

If you'd like to tap into another hive mind, try the last.fm similar artists radio for each of those three. For instance, here's Sufjans.
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Joseph Arthur
Mary Lou Lord
Ron Sexsmith
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Andrew Bird
Danielson Famile (Sufjan guests on some of their stuff)
Rosie Thomas
Mates of State
Iron & Wine
M. Ward
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If "avant-rustic" sounds like something that might be up your alley, check out Califone, quickly!.
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Maybe more experimental, but Songs Ohia has some incredible stuff.
also: Six Organs of Admittance
also: David Sylvan
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Seconding a lot of stuff I've seen mentioned:
M. Ward
Iron & Wine
Andrew Bird
Clem Snide
Jens Lekman

Some not mentioned yet:
Anathallo (complex, baroque pop)
Fleet Foxes (earthy harmonizing)
Castanets (country soul made by a free-jazz madman)
Damien Jurado (semi-acoustic alt-country with a vicious streak)
Denison Witmer (we used to call stuff like this "sad bastard music" at my old radio station)

You might also be interested in side projects from people in Sufjan's band, like:
St. Vincent (if Sufjan was an angry girl who played violin)
Half-Handed Cloud (if all of Sufjan's songs were extra-happy and less than three minutes)
or some of the bands on Sufjan's label, Asthmatic Kitty. There's a free release of some works-in-progress from some new artists here.
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Woodpigeon, Canadian Sufjan-ish folk pop. Via Sweden, you might also like José González.

Also Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy, who is similar to Iron & Wine. My Brightest Diamond, who has worked with Sufjan, is also good, but might be a little too Kate Bush.
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For sure the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album "The Letting Go".
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This is super awesome. Thank you all for your suggestions and I will be marking "best answers" once I manage to listen to everything posted. :)
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Surprised we've made it this far without Alexi Murdoch.

I think the latest Iron & Wine is the finest thing he's done.
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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I'd like to throw out a rec for Grandaddy. If I'm totally off on this, feel free to beat me about the neck and shoulders.
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This has been a orgy of great music I had no idea existed. Still checking everything out; there's a lot to listen to so it will take me a while. Thanks again.
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Listen to me carefully: the two people who recommended Clem Snide are *almost* there, but you absolutely must go one step further. If you even begin to care about your musical taste or your ears, then please, PLEASE, go find two albums by Clem Snide's now-solo singer, Eef Barzelay.

Is that a weird name? Yes. Is his music amazing? Also, yes.

Two albums, both available on iTunes: Ballad of Bitter Honey - slowed down, melodic, intellectual lyrics, and his voice and the way he sings "Well" and "Thanksgiving Waves" on this album will MELT YOUR FACE.

Second album: Lose Big - Eef went back to a full band now, and, honestly, this album took me three listens to really like. But now it's all over my iPod's Top 25 most played.

Oh, what's that? You'd like some free live downloads to listen to? Great. He just did an interview with Daytrotter with mp3s of songs. Daytrotter

Go. Go right now! Then feel free to come back and mark this the best answer because Eef will make it so.
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- Ari Hest, specifically the "Someone To Tell" album. Thank me later.
- The Weepies
- Sun Kil Moon (though its a little more depressing than the two bands you mentioned)
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