Got Jesus...?
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Back in the dark ages of the internets, someone forwarded me (or sent me a link to) some pencil/line drawings of a stereotypical Jesus doing some rather non-stereotypical (but not NSFW) things: playing baseball with some kids, driving a semi, etc. Each one had some pretty funny captions or speech bubbles or something like that. Not sure why, but I need to see these again. Anybody point me to them...?
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If only I could use my awesome powers for good.
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With you always?
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Best answer: Doh. My awesome powers don't extend to cutting and pasting the right URL.
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Response by poster: Pencil/line drawing Jesus bless The Hive...!
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I know you found what you were looking for, but you might like these, too:
Jesus Is
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Response by poster: Thanks, fructose, I could NEVER get enough pencil/line drawing Jesus!
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You might enjoy these as well. I know I do. I even have the one of Jesus playing basketball.
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Related, possibly: the Gospel of Supply Side Jesus.
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The pencil/line-drawing question may have already been answered (can I get an AMEN!), but this thread would be incomplete without mentioning the classic internet meme "Its Jesus, LOL". You can find pages upon pages of sacrilegious and hilarious pix simply by searching Google Images for "jesus lol". There is a short explanation here. and a blog here. If the aforementioned links are not sufficient to quell your deviant sinner urge to mock his holy jesusness, then I would be an unworthy follower if I did not mention the uber-classic "Jesus Of The Week".

....And as I have now helped more lost sheep join his flock.. I feel a little closer to the big J-man himself.

Jesus?... can you take your hand off my thigh?... kthx
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See also: Jesus vs. Jeezus.
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Just for the sake of search engines in case I need to find this thread again: "always with you".
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