Computer detecting nonexistent second monitor
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I just started up my new Windows Vista laptop for the second time and it told me that it detected a second monitor. I don't have a second monitor and one has never been plugged in, the first time I started up the computer all I did was do the mandatory first-time-startup configuration, and it's never been connected to the Internet (I'm writing this from another computer). Should I just ignore the message, or might something be wrong I should look into? (I started up the computer again to check whether this would happen again, and it didn't, although the screen went black for a while after the desktop was fully loaded.)
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"my new Windows Vista laptop" isn't a very precise description of what you have and what hardware is in it and "it told me that it detected a second monitor" describes what happened in only the vaguest terms, so it's difficult to say. But I think you can cheerfully ignore the message unless it returns.
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I'd check for any debris that may have been stuck in the external monitor port. I'd check to see if that external out is actually working too. If not, then I wouldn't worry about it.
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Don't be worried until the phantom monitor becomes the default desktop where windows open. Or if your mouse falls off the screen. Or if the background stretches in a weird way. Just smile and remind your laptop not to tell lies or no one will believe it when it really matters.
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Nah, it detected the ability to output to another monitor, as in to an LCD projector or something. You usually switch to it via a laptop function key, on this dell it's...Fn+f8.

If it should ever decide to use the output as the default, pressing that function key will bring it back to the actual laptop screen.

I wouldn't worry.
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