Pliny the Elder
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Where can I find Pliny the Elder in the Mid-Atlantic?

I'm looking for a brick-and-mortar source for Pliny the Elder on I-81 near State Line, PA.

I've been dying to get my hands on some Pliny the Elder. I live near Washington DC in Maryland -- which doesn't allow online purchases or direct shipments of alcohol. I'll be close to the Pennsylvania border this weekend and would make a quick trip across the border if I knew I'd find it there. Are there any craft beer stores near I-81 that stock Pliny? Also, I'm open to any other alternatives you can think of!
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Best answer: I would search the BeerAdvocate Mid-Atlantic board (or post this question over there). If it's available, they can tell you where to find it.
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Best answer: Racer 5 is excellent, and appears to be distributed in both MD and PA.
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Best answer: Pliny the Elder is a superb beer and I wish you good luck in finding some.

Perhaps you could call the Brickskeller in DC and see if they have it? They might also know who does RR's distribution which could lead to possible B&M stores.

And since Pliny is a double IPA, grateful should go straight to Racer X instead of Racer 5.
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Response by poster: Everybody wins!

I posted this on BeerAdvocate, but the consensus is that Pliny hasn't ventured east yet. I will definitely seek out Racer 5 and Racer X - thanks for the recommendations!
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