Where can I buy a Older-New Printer?
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Where do the printers that dont sell go? In other words, where can I buy a band-new printer from say 2006?

I need a new color laser printer, but I dont want to spend $300+.

So I am looking for Color Laser Printers from say 2006, 2007 that are in box never used that should in theory sell for less then their newer counterparts.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Overstock.com some are new-old, some refurbished-old.
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Response by poster: Hey Lee,

I tried Overstock.... Still too pricey. Which means the printers arent old enough. ;)

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The stores probably have them on a sale/return basis. If they don't sell them, they return them.

The manufacturer has them.
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Response by poster: OK... So how can I purchase one?
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Best answer: If the manufacturer has them, they aren't selling them. They can likely make more money by making and selling a new one than they can by selling one that's just sitting around. The old ones are probably parted out as possible to the assembly line and the rest melted down or thrown out.

I'd love to be proven wrong on this, but I don't think it's possible to buy old-but-unused electronics.
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A more general search term for this is NOS - New Old Stock, but I can't see it happening with laser printers - they're far too bulky to leave sitting around a warehouse in bulk, it would be too costly to store them. I'm guessing the unsold printers would get donated to charities for tax-write-offs, given away in sponsership deals, sold in other countries, stuff like that.

Refurbished is probably what you should look for (a machine that was returned under warranty, and has been factory-repaired).
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So I am looking for Color Laser Printers from say 2006, 2007 that are in box never used that should in theory sell for less then their newer counterparts.

Which is why when a line is discontinued they lower the price until they sell all of them. You might get lucky someplace, but at this point your requirements amount to a luxury and so any savings might be offset by the economics of specific needs.

I don't know why you're balking at anything over $300 though, the toner for a color laser is commonly much more expensive than that. This causes the price of the printer itself to be very minor over its lifetime.
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Check on deal sites, I picked up a refurb HP 2600n for $125 a few months ago. I already had a 2600n, but the ink from the refurb was brand new.

Dell also had a Color laser MFP for ~$260 last month.
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Response by poster: I got a konika Minolta via price match and rebates for ~$55 2 yrs ago at staples.com (thank you slickdeals). I was able to get a good deal the last time i needed new toner. But now I need to change all the toners (3 color, 1 black). Total for the replacement toners is ~$280.00

I see no reason to buy new toner when I can get a new printer for cheaper, or my current thinking... an older new printer for even cheaper.

And once the toner runs dry, throw out the printer and buy a new one. (Yes I know, I know... recycle)!

Cheaper that way, then to keep replacing the toner.

What do you think?
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Once manufacturers buy inventory back, they often destroy it (see: Atari's ET game). This serves multiple purposes:

1. It gets the old inventory off the accounting ledger (unsold inventory is obviously of little value and drags down a spreadsheet of a company's worth);

2. It saves on storage costs;

3. It prevents you from buying old, cheap tech when they want you to buy their new, more expensive tech.
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My luck with refurbished has been almost uniformly bad. For what it's worth.
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Unused, discontinued merchandise very commonly appears on eBay with the keyword "NOS", which stands for "New Old Stock".
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Often the toners that come with new printers are not the full size ones, but are a 'starter size'. Therefore it may not be better value to buy a new printer.

Maybe you can get 3rd party compatible toners or refills for your existing printer?
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Costco will refill inkjet cartridges for very cheap. Maybe they or someone else will do this for your toner?
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