Where can I find Mother's Animal Cookies?
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I'm looking for Mother's Animal Cookies, with the notion of making my own and finding the best recipe. But it seems there are none in any local stores. Should I give in and buy some off eBay (yup, already checked), or does anyone know other online sources?

Google failed me, though I didn't search too far and/or wide. I initially though of asking for another MeFite to send me cookies, but I thought that was a bit desperate and strange. That, and I don't want to take the deliciousness from another.
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Yupyup, I ask here because I've gone to most area stores, and I've bought a lot of Mothers Cookies. Some day soon, I hope to start making attempts at re-creating the cookies. I'll share my progress, when that day comes.
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Have you seen this copycat recipe? (Scroll way down.)
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Here's another version.
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Everywhere that I went, Mother's were on sale as soon as they went out of business. It was hard to find anything anywhere, but you should know that the expiration date on the last batch of Circus Animals is in March, so if you find some (try driving to nowheresville, maybe) you can be sure they won't be stale for several months.
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Yupyup, I've seen those recipes. Due to some weird archivist bent I have, I want to make something as close as possible to the original. Or maybe I'll realize the original really wasn't that special, and that it can be improved pretty easily.
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I've never had Mother's, but Keebler's Frosted Animals seem really close if not identical, and I've never had a problem finding them in stores.
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Seconding driving to Nowheresville and shopping at a small grocery store. The distribution pipeline and product turnover will be a lot slower. The worst place to find this stuff will be at a bustling Albertsons.
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I grabbed several bags at a Walmart Neighborhood Market last weekend (after the plant closed down) and I saw individual-sized bags (in boxes of 10) at a Kroger store -- both of these were in Dallas. The grocery stores I normally frequent had already reorganized their shelves where Mother's Cookies had once been, but Walmart still had full stock. Might be worth checking if you've got one near you.
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I've had a lot of Mother's in my time, and I recently had some of the Keebler's that Metroid Baby mentions, and they are pretty close. The Keebler's cookie is maybe slightly flakier and not as dense; the frosting is softer and melts more easily, and is marginally less fake-pink-tasting. But they would probably do for a comparison in a pinch.
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It may be worth keeping an eye on Top Secret Recipes' website. They don't currently have anything by Mother's, but I wouldn't be surprised if they add something in the future.

Also, have you tried contacting them directly? This site shows some corporate info, including contact info (though the website seems down). Obviously, they might not want to give away everything, but they might have helpful hints!
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Thanks for the additional ideas and info. Esp. thanks for the Keebler details, doift. It's odd you mention the "fake-pink-taste" - my wife and father-in-law are annoyed by some artificial reds, due to the flavor it adds to the items. I haven't been able to taste this, nor has my mother-in-law (we get into weird food discussions).
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A follow-up for anyone who reads this in the future - my friend was on her way to Oregon from California, and found not only a bag of the normal variety, but also the Halloween variety! Rather a nice post-election-day present. I'll make a new post on my efforts to replicate the Animal Cookies this weekend.
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