Recommedations for CBT therapists in Austin?
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I have a friend who suffers from anxiety and panic disorder. She currently sees a therapist, but is interested in a more structured approach. Does anyone have a recommendation for a female therapist in Austin, TX who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? I would also be interested in getting recommendations for brief inpatient programs.
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I did a little bit of digging around - found someone who could be a match - though I haven't had any experience with her or know of her other than what I read. What you can do is have your friend call her and ask if she can have a free consult with her - and see if she feels comfortable with her etc. etc. That's one option - the other is to check out the links on the page that I'm putting the link to HERE. Someone, someplace who can help will surface.

Good luck to your friend.
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Here's a page with national CBT association's "Find a therapist" pages.
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In Austin, the best inpatient program I know of is Seton Shoal Creek. The psychiatrist I work with used to practice there. I see from their website that they also have an outpatient therapy program. I don't have any personal experience with them, it's just some patient reports and professional hearsay, but I haven't heard anything bad.
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