Syncing podcasts to an iPod using two different computers
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How can I sync podcasts to my iPod from my main PC and my laptop?

I've a 5G iPod, which I manually manage using iTunes 8 on my main Windows XP PC. I've also got a brand new netbook laptop, which also runs Windows XP.

I'd like to be able to download podcasts whilst away from home using the laptop and sync them to my iPod, without wiping the rest of them (or my music) already on the player. Then, on my PC at home, be able to download and sync only 'new' shows that haven't already downloaded.

Would it be as simple as installing iTunes on the laptop and subscribing to the same shows in its podcast library? Some googling found this forum post, but there didn't seem to be a definitive answer.

Alternatively, is there a Winamp plugin that could achieve the same effect? Do the iPod management plugins for Winamp also manage podcasts? I'm not dead set on using iTunes to manage my iPod on my main PC, so being able to set up Winamp for a music library, podcasts and manual Ipod syncing on two computers would be ideal.

I would preferably like to be able to do this without installing iTunes on the laptop - which doesn't have enough disk space to hold my entire music library.

Google hasn't been much help, although it did bring up this previous - though crucially different - Ask Mefi question.
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Even though this is marked as being for the iPhone, it will work with iPods. Start with "1) Find your iTunes Library ID."
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Actually, read the entire article. For the most part just mentally insert "iPod" wherever you see "iPhone."
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Best answer: Winamp's iPod plugin (which comes with Winamp) can easily upload files to an iPod without disrupting what's already on it. I don't do podcasts myself, but there is an option to sync podcasts only in the configuration.
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