chains underneath school bus
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I've often noticed chains hanging underneath school busses. What are they for?
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Best answer: They are tire chains for use during snow and ice. You see them on tractor trailers as well.
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not for naughty children?
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My mom is a school bus driver. I'll ask her tomorrow and if there's no answer here yet I'll let you know.
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Research shows that volunteer fire departments are the biggest users of automatic chains. They must always be prepared yet are unable to get people to install and remove conventional chains at all hours of the day and night. Moreover, a broken conventional chain could result in a missed fire call and a $2500 wheel well repair. The second largest users are school bus operators. Here, safety is paramount.

It's actually a very neat product ... and almost as old as the automobile.
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Grounding static charge.
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ATC's are a damn neat idea!! However, I've never, ever seen them in Canada. Mind, I haven't been looking.

The chains I've seen are, I think, associated with the automatic sanding box.
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