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Where can I buy La Guacamaya hot sauce with lime juice in the Seattle area?

Some time back, I discovered a hot sauce that, along with Tabasco's chipotle sauce, has become my co-favorite hot sauce of ALL TIME.

This would be La Guacamaya hot sauce with lime juice.

I discovered it in an Asian market in White Center, a suburb of Seattle several months ago. I've found that Asian markets in Seattle often carry Mexican foods as well. I buy about 5 bottles of the stuff at a time, as you can see that the price is right at $2.19 for a liter bottle!

Suddenly the market I found it at no longer has it! They only have the wimpy little 177ml bottles!

Please, I'm addicted to this delicious stuff...

Where can I buy it in liter sized bottles? Heck, I'd be willing to drive to Skyway to buy it...

Please note, there is a plain version of La Guacamaya that has no lime juice, and I'm not interested in that stuff.

Do you know of any market, bodega, gas station, supermarket, Walmart, Costco, Asian market, farmer's market, Mexican market, or even "dollar store" where I can buy this? I realize that it's available on the Internet, but I'd rather buy in bulk and avoid ridiculous shipping charges.
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I would recommend checking Uwajimaya or Central Market, but I don't know for a fact whether they carry it. I live in T-town these days. I'll certainly keep an eye out if you're willing to drive down to these parts.
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Response by poster: Uwajimaya sells Mexican stuff?

You know, there are a bunch of Asian markets around 12th and Jackson that I have not been to in quite a while; I used to buy those little bottles of ginseng there... I don't know if they sell Mexican products. I'll have to pay another visit...
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There is a Mexican grocery in Greenwood around 85th and Greenwood. I'm not sure if they have it, but it seems to be a pretty authentic market. You may also be interested in this AskMe.
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Uwajimaya has some Mexican stuff, but it's probably a long shot for that particular sauce.
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Tube, try DoubleDD Meats in Mountlake Terrace.

They have the largest selection of hot sauces I've seen anywhere in or around Seattle..
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Response by poster: Vito, I just called Double DD and they have the plain version, but not the one with the lime. But now I know where to look for future hot sauces, thanks!

I think I'll pursue the 85th and Greenwood place next. Thanks for the helpful suggestions so far.
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Response by poster: On a whim, I decided to drop into the supermarket that originally had the large bottles. The big bottles were back! Becoming avariciously American, greedy and gluttonous, I purchased all 11 bottles they had in stock.

But hopefully the market will recognize that La Guacamaya with lime is a consumer-friendly unit-shifter, and continue to stock the liter-sized bottles.

The market is the Heng Heng Supermarket in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle.

Yes! I want to live!
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Response by poster: A photo of the Heng Heng sign.
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