What's a good advertising-free alternative to Yahoo Groups?
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What's a good advertising-free alternative to Yahoo Groups? I'm looking to run a private mailing list, 10-20 subscribers, conversational in topic (which rules out Freelists.org). I have shell access on a Linux account, but not root (which rules out a Majordomo install). What else is out there?
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Google is trying out their new flavor of groups, surprisingly similar to Yahoo's. At the moment it's ad-free (and beta), but I'm guessing they'll monetize it eventually.
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i run mailman (a nice version of majordomo) locally on my "server" (a linux machine that acts as firewall, mail handler, and general all-round task horse in our house). that means that it has a dynamic inet address (cable modem), which can be a nuisance (if the address changes - if there is a power cut basically - then web based management and access to the archive isn't possible until i modify the config), but the mailing list functionality continues working.

incoming mail is pulled from the person who does my web hosting. outgoing mail is routed through my isp. so the mail interface (as opposed to the web interface) is consistent and reliable.

so you don't need to run majordomo at your isp, but my solution assumes you're reasonably capable at managing your own machine(s).
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(you can see how it works through my user page - click on "andrew cooke" and then "mailing list" <- self link)
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