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What sort of CMS configuration would I use to integrate the current content of a Blogspot blog with a website of basic HTML articles and photo galleries?

A friend of mine and I have been talking for ages about integrating his website and his Blogspot blog's collective content into a CMS. It would be easy enough to take the standard HTML articles and add tags and such, but at least with my searching so far, it's integrating a Blogger/Blogspot that seems to be the tricky part.

The hope would be to have articles, photo galleries, and blog posts all be tagged, browsable, and searchable in equal capacity without disrupting existing blog comments or content (and ideally without having to import the Blogger content into a new blogging format). My friend has already looked at Drupal and found it needlessly complex, and I looked into Joomla, but I couldn't find any strong support for Blogger integration.

Is there a CMS or configuration thereof that would be able to do this without too many complications?
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I hate to ask for clarification because it shows up as an answer, but is there a reason you don't want to import it into another platform? WordPress can import directly from Blogger (and about a dozen other sources), is relatively easy to customize, supports all kind of plugins for galleries, and can serve static articles too.
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Response by poster: WordPress was kind of the obvious last resort option, but my friend was vocal about wanting to stick with Blogger. It certainly doesn't hurt that a lot of other bloggers in town have Blogspots (and thus can comment through their user account automatically), and I've heard people assert that trying to stretch WordPress into a full-blown CMS instead of using a more traditional CMS limits you a bit.

All else fails though, I'm sure that I could talk him into it. Would all comments be imported entirely intact (along with user URLs, etc.)?
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