Can I use Google Webmaster Tools if I don't own the site?
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Google Webmaster Tools question. Can I use it if I don't own the site?

Can I use google webmaster tools if I don't own the site or have admin privileges but have a "personal" directory folder, with permission controls? For example:

In other words, can I put the google verification file into "myfolder" and get results on the access of the files using webmaster tools?
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Can I verify my site if it's not located at the root level? from the Webmaster Tools help. In short, you will only see crawl errors and only for your own sub-tree of files on the site.
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I don't think so. All sites I have verified have requested the meta tag in the main front page for the domain, or to put the verification file in the root folder of the site.

The help file says "Upload the file to your webserver to the location we specify. Generally, this is the root folder for your site."
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