I love meticulous documentation of the environment.
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So, I love Chicago mile-by-mile and the Stanford cityblock project. Lately I've been looking for other examples of this sort of meticulous documentation of the environment. Anyone got any leads?

Bonus points for examples of projects that are clever enough to do this through distributed photography.
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I swear I just read about a new book of aerial photographs documenting NYC block by block. I thought I'd read about it here. But I can't find it now.
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I remember reading on the blue about a project where someone flew in a helicopter along the California coastline and photographed the whole thing with GSP coordinates and everything... there was some controversy over Barbara Streisand's home and privacy, which was not a valid claim.
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American Mile Markers. To view it with Safari or Firefox, go here.
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Dammit! People keep stealing my ideas! Get out of my brain!!

I was going to do this with Boston's North End a couple of years ago, but didn't own a digital camera at the time. Now I'm sooo faaar awaaaay...


I guess I could do it for Lincoln, Nebraska, but really, who gives a fuck about Nebraska?
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You'd probably like Satan's Laundromat, if you're not already familiar with it. His photographs, taken mostly in the NYC area, are incredible. He mentions somewhere on his site that he'd like to document Brooklyn block by block, but not sure if that will happen. Though the pics aren't generally in any ascertainable order, he does usually provide very intersection-specific info on where the photos were taken.
By far one of the best things I've seen on the web.
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