How do I get Kubuntu running under Parallels on my Mac to see the internet?
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How do I get Kubuntu running under Parallels on my Mac to see the internet?

I am a new Parallels user. My Mac came preinstalled with Windows XP under Parallels and it sees the internet fine. I just created a Kubuntu virtual machine. It boots fine, but I can't use the internet with it. I get a "could not connect to host" when I type any address into Konquerer. I played with the Parallels network settings, setting it to airport, default, host only, and shared. Nothing works. Is there something I need to do inside of Kubuntu to get it to work? Anything else I need to do in Parallels to make it work?

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Did you check the How to install Ubuntu on a MacBook doc? If you're using 8.04, it's a bit of a challenge. 8.10 recognized my macbook network straightaway.

I'm assuming that Parallels simply passes along the network connection info and doesn't try to present a different device (ie, transliterate) to Win/Linux.
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If you have Parallels set to use the default connection, try selecting the actual interface that's being used instead. You can do this with Kubuntu running by clicking the network icon in the (by default) lower right corner of the Parallels window and selecting the interface.
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At least in Windows, Parallels doesn't always see my network changes. That is, if I go from bridged (usually my default) to shared, then I have to restart Windows for the change to take effect.

I would think Ubuntu in Parallels would be easy to setup. Tell Ubuntu to use DHCP, and then set Parallels to use shared networking.

You might want to also search the Linux Guest section of the Parallels forums.
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I have to click the network settings icon (near the clock) and enable 'Wired Network' every time I start up Ubuntu under parallels. There may be a similar required action for Kubuntu.

As an added random note - the only way I could get Ubuntu to install w/ full screen resolution (1680x1050) under Parallels on my iMac was to download the older 7.10 alternate install.
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