breakfast in Paris?
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My girlfriend and I are travelling from London to Paris with a very early 5.25 train. We will arrive in Paris around 8, and I'm sure we would appreciate going straight to a very nice cafe or similar from a nice, long breakfast. Can you recommend such a place? We like sweet and savoury things, but prefer baguette, croissants and jams type of place. We're looking for something a bit more upmarket than normal cafes, but nothing which would cost more than 15 euros per head... Thanks!
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Mariage Fréres. (English).

It might be more than €15 depending on what you order. But the tea is exceptional.

There's also Ladurée (English).
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Be aware that you can get a pretty good breakfast of this type aboard Eurostar - I believe they let the French look after the catering arrangements.
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Frankly, I would just choose a neighbourhood and look for a nice place nearby. There are bistros offering standard French breakfast (baguette, croissants and jams, no more than 15 euros per head) everywhere.

If you are looking for somewhere "special", La Tartine is cool.
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