Looking for a website with lots of (possibly Russian) movie posters for popular american movies.
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Anyone remember a website that had lots of old movie posters which I think were possibly from Russia but of American or western films?

They were very dark looking images which usually didn't seem to match the movie. The only one that really springs to mind is the poster for E.T which made the movie look frankly frightening!
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I think you're looking for this.
posted by Roman Graves at 1:19 PM on October 26, 2008

Polish posters perhaps? Except I don't see E.T.
posted by aubilenon at 1:19 PM on October 26, 2008

Response by poster: Wow those are the posters I was looking for thanks! I think I mixed up E.T with the Alien poster... Super weird!
posted by aqueousdan at 1:29 PM on October 26, 2008

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