Wordpress themes for legal websites
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Where can I find a free Wordpress theme to use on a lawyer's website?

My father is a lawyer and I'm helping him redo his website. There isn't a ton of content on it, mostly just a couple pages of text and then some news items and some images.

Based on that, I figured it would be good for me to set him up with a Wordpress-based site to help make it easy for him to add/edit new pages and news items without me needing to update actual HTML files for him every time.

That said, can anybody recommend good places to look for FREE or INEXPENSIVE (that being ~$50) Wordpress themes that do not have animation/Flash components that would be good for a lawyer's website? I'm thinking simple and elegant.

He's an environmental/OSHA lawyer as well if that helps narrow things down.

I am able to modify the code to incorporate his images and make basic changes but I don't want to be redoing the entire layout. I need an easy way to add a Contact Us form on the homepage as well if anybody knows of any good Wordpress widgets for that.

Thanks for your help guys--I'm happy to answer any additional questions you may have as well.
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I've been using this WP Contact form on several sites for a while, and it's extremely simple and works well.
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It's a little bit over your budget ($89), but Thesis is a great-looking theme and comes with lifetime upgrades and a support forum. The showcase gives a good idea of the kind of flexibility the theme has.
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If you don't mind a footer credit, here is an offering of quite nice free WP themes. If you want simple and are able to mung things around a bit (to pull from pages intead of posts, for example, or to replace the post pull with flat text right in the template) I like Royal and Greenweb. Both should be very simple to work with.
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I've used this site for years... http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress/themes

He has a cool theme switcher thingie what allows you to switch themes real quick to get a live preview of each... unfortunately it appears to be down tonight.

He had a theme contest and these where the winners. Most of the themes are good, some better than others... but the quick theme switcher is why I go there first.

BTW if you're doing a professional site, ditch WP and use joomla. (my 2 cents)

good luck
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Check out www.bestwpthemes.com, which has a good selection of free and premium themes. You should be able to find something to suit you there.
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You could also take a look at yaml. They have very clean and professional themes, which are based on the web standards.
They provide integrations for different CMS.
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