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I want an Android google phone but live in South America where they aren't available yet, and when they do they will be overpriced.

I've seen unlocked G phones going for $500 on ebay but wondering what happens to the phones that are returned to the store.

How can I get me a g phone people?
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Phones that get returned to the store are returned to the manufacturer, who reconditions them and sends them out as warranty replacements; they're not sold at a discount simply because they're "used". $500 is close to average for an unlocked, new-to-market and heavily-anticipated phone in North America, so if that's above your budget you're probably going to have to wait for more Android phones to hit the shelves and lower the initial price/demand.
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For what it is worth, I have one and its way better then I thought it would be. So you might be in for a wait, but it will be worth it.

Also I have seen people porting android to other existing phones o their own, you might look into that.
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