Best way to play Fable 2 local co-op?
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Fable 2 local co-op question: Is it possible to play through the game once with a henchman tagging along, without the second player needing to play through their own game?

My wife and I usually play games like Fable 2 together, with one person playing and the other watching and offering suggestions. Fable 2 seems to allow the unique opportunity for the second player to actually get involved. But what if we don't want to play the game twice? Is the henchman going to quickly get outclassed and become weak and useless? How should we calibrate experience division so we can play the game through once together?

We're worried even if the solution is 50-50 experience, and we have to play longer so each character can level up enough, there will be certain story elements that must be activated by each player separately for them to be of use later in the game.

Don't know if anyone else is in our scenario, but I thought I'd ask and see what others are doing. We don't really have time to play the game twice, and the whole point is to spend time together so each of us playing alone so we can play together later seems pointless.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone has!
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Best answer: My wife and I got Fable 2 yesterday. She's playing it right now. When you join as a henchman, you have the option of creating one based on another saved character, or you can just create a generic one. I don't think you have to worry about the henchman getting outclassed, but I must say, based on what i've seen so far, the co-op is very frustrating and awkward. We're playing two separate games, me evil and her good, and occasionally jumping in with the henchman (this can be done at any time) for tough battles. You definitely don't want to be exploring towns together.
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Best answer: I agree with Stylus - my boyfriend and I are playing Fable 2 together where I will mostly watch/help him or do something else while he's playing the explore parts, and then jump in for battles. I also have my own game, and he does the same for me. We usually set the game so that the main player gets the majority of the gold/experience.

It's actually not too bad to play the game through twice, and it's nice to have support when it's dark and scary or when the battles get hard. You can skip a lot of long scenes if you've already seen it once too. One evil and one good is also an interesting way to go.
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