The Business of iPhone Software Development
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I have started developing and selling software for the iPhone. What websites should I read on a regular basis?

I'm primarily interested in sites that discuss the business and marketing side of things, e.g. what applications and categories are doing well, PR and marketing strategies, pricing strategies, advertising channels, success/failure stories, ad-based or sponsored application trends, etc.

I want to keep up with the buzz on new and innovative applications (not just games), from both the user and the vendor standpoints, and also word about significant new companies entering the market.

Of course, I want to keep up with the technology side of things, too, though I'm not the primary programmer.

Who should I be reading on a daily/weekly/etc basis? There's got to be some stuff out there, but I haven't found much yet.
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I'm the creator of Graffitio. I read:

Then there are a lot of tech blogs that cover iPhone apps fairly frequently. TechCrunch, Mashable, TUAW, and iLounge come to mind. Finally, there are individual developers blogs. Frasier Spears of Exposure, Brent Simmons of NetNewsWire, and Craig Hockenberry of Twitterific all blog about iPhone development fairly frequently. Oh, and definitely read Daring Fireball. It's more mac-centric, but Gruber definitely keeps on top of the iPhone community.
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Best answer: iPhone dev central has useful forums.
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Gamedev . net has some interesting and useful forums, you may be interested in this account of which sums up one project in entirety.

I find Slashdot to be a daily read for tech news, and they definitely have an iphone-fever there at the moment
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Best answer: I've got Mobile Orchard in my newsreader.
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Best answer: The best place I've found so far is iPhone SDK Forum.
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