How to become a better journalist ?
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Can anyone recommend an "online journalism" or "digital journalism" course/training/seminar for existing journalists ?

My brother is a journalist for the website redaction of a popular european newspaper. He's looking at perfecting/improving his knowledge of how the leading online news organizations work. Ideally in the US.
Thanks for your suggestions, pointers, ...
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Check the Poynter Institute.
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Thanks for this jgirl, it looks great.

One thing I think wasn't very clear in my post, was he's looking specifically at initiatives in the online journalism area (where every google search will direct to online degrees, which is not very helpful)
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* Buzz Machine
* CyberJournalist
* E-Media Tidbits
* Journalism Iconoclast
* Lost Remote
* Mastering Multimedia
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News U. They have loads of general journalism courses and stacks about journalism for the intertubes, too. Lots of it is free, but there are some things you have to pay a small fee for.

And if your brother is looking at perfecting his knowledge of how leading news orgs in the US work online... he is already analysing some websites, right?
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davidmsc : thanks for this - resources like Journalism Iconoclast fit the kind of information he's looking for.

t0astie : he's obviously looking daily at what happening on the us news sites (but also on more citizen journalism sites like ohmynews - I guess what he's looking for is more along a the lines of : working as an internet part of a print media, has someone /somewhere gathered the experiences, ideas, technology used inside new organisation to adapt/improve digital journalism. So it can be :
* organizational, e.g how to manage a team writing both on paper/on the net and on blogs ? How to engage the newspaper's audience; how do others manage moderation, etc...

* technical : how are journalists coping with using multimedia tools, video/audio : how to make good use of video and audio content; how has the relationship between journalists and techies/programmers has evolved in other organizations, etc...

I think his aim is twofold : first learning about how other work/ what are the best practices, etc ; second finding the right way to push these messages inside a traditional print media organization - and looking to share with others about their experiences doing so
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