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Moving to the UAE from the UK, tax query (bonuses)

So, I've been offered a move to the UAE next year from my current job in London. Does the tax exemption kick in the moment I get there? I'm due a 50% bonus in April, if I move before payment, will this be tax free too? Do expats get paid in Dirhams or Pounds? Thanks for your help!
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I'm not sure about the taxation, you'd have to speak to UK tax professional as to how that might work. As to how you will be paid, it depends.
My father works here for a European oil company and is paid a salary which is calculated partially in Euros and partially in dirhams (pegged to the dollar) some companies do this to protect employees' ability to save in their 'home' currency from forex fluctuation risk.
I work for an American management consultancy here in Dubai and my salary is calculated purely in dirhams
It will depend on your employer, your seniority, etc.

I went to school here and recently moved back to work after studying in England, so if there's any other questions feel free to MeMail me.
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