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Injury claims lawyer recommendation in Toronto?

A friend was in a car accident quite some time ago and now she´s being sued for severe injuries. The fault of the accident is still at fault as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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My family retained this person after a car accident and we all liked him. He's patient and calm, and something about him really inspired our trust.
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I'm a little confused - is your friend the defendant in this case?

Anyway, I used Jewel Law when I was injured in an accident a few years back, and it was very straightforward and easy. I'm not sure if they represent defendants in these cases though. Isn't this something your friend's insurance company would be involved in?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info. Since she is being sued she is the defendant, not the prosecutor. As for her insurance company, they dropped her immediately after the accident which I hear is pretty standard "we offer you insurance but only if you don't make a claim" insurance here.
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Response by poster: Having looked at these in-depth it's clear they only work for you if you're injured. They seem to be extremely easy to find. Defense against this is not however.
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