EU Passport Photograph in Boston/Providence area?
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Does anyone know where I can get a passport photograph taken that meets EU regulations in the Providence/Boston area?

I went to the UPS store, but they took an American passport photograph. I tried taking it myself with the help of some fancy software, but the photographs were rejected by the consulate. Now I'm desperate and I've no idea where to start looking for a place that might be able to help me out...
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Have you asked the consulate? I would try a photo store. Give them the requirements and they can likely accommodate you. If not, scan in the UPS photo, resize it and print it on photo paper.
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If you just go to one of the little corner places that do passport photos, and explain to them what the *exact* requirements are for the photo, they should be able to accommodate your request. This is how I got my updated UK passport photos done here in SoCal. I went to a mailbox place and explained the size requirements to the guy (even better, write it down and give them the instructions!), and he happily took the photo and adjusted the printout to match. I guess it's down to you whether you think the person in the store is listening to your instructions or not. If they seem disinterested or unhelpful, walk away.
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In my experience going the other way, you should be able to find a place near the consulate/embassy that is sucking up the business being generated by these rejections.

An independently run photographic shop or pharmacy within a mile of the place, for instance.

Alternatively, look into going somewhere right near a college with a lot of foreign students.

Or would this work?
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My brother works in an independent photo lab (in Philadelphia, sadly) and takes foreign passports photos often. He takes the picture with a digital camera on a white background and edits it in Photoshop to the specifications. Print it out, there you go.
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sears portrait will do it if you bring in a paper with the exact specifications. call first. some will refuse and say they only take US. most will work with you because it has a positive results on a hard to rise sales percentage.
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do they have Walgreens there?
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