Older versions of .avi on the Xbox 360
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How do I play old .avi files on my Xbox 360?

I know that the 360 does not support older versions of the .avi format so I'd like to know the best way to "up-convert" my videos to one of the newest versions. Any suggestions, preferably free?
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Use TVersity to stream the files from your computer?
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Is the AVI container the choke point? If so, just remux to a newer "OpenDML" AVI with any one of a hundred free applications.
I take it, though, that you mean the MPEG-4 codec used to compress the video stream is outdated. Use MediaInfo to get information about older files and consider re-encoding them with XviD with the quantizer set fairly low to avoid losing quality. The Xbox 360 doesn't support DivX 3 and some other old, broken codecs but will work with DivX 5 and up and XviD provided that certain parameters with regard to the number of B-frames in a group of pictures and other settings are obeyed.
BTW, "upconvert" doesn't mean what you've taken it to mean.
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Best answer: OK, Inspector Gadget knows a heckuva lot more about video than me. But you could try using Videora Xbox 360 Converter, which should work just fine.
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Transcode 360 kicks major ass
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