can i get this in?
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Will I be able to bring my camera in this bag, into heinz field with me on sunday, for the steelers giants game?

I've read the heinz field/steelers guidelines, but i'm still unsure whether or not it falls under the parameters of legal or illegal. any experience/opinion in this matter is highly appreciated.
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When a friend and I went to PNC park a while ago, we used diaper bags to hold our stuff. Could you put the camera in one of those? It says that small camera cases are allowed, but the photo you linked to looks more like a backpack, which is not allowed.
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it's a relatively small camerapack but lowepro's suggest professional to your untrained security guard. I'd put this into another bad with assorted non-camera stuff.
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Here is a relatively recent Heinz Field photography discussion on Flickr. It sounds like you need to avoid looking like a professional where professional is vaguely defined and enforced by people with limited training and no authority for making critical thinking choices.

If I were you I'd take amicamentis' advice.

Oh and I wish I were at this game. I envy you!
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